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What is art

Creative services are not available for free, but good ideas can also be realized with reasonable budgets if you want to see their added value.

Who doesn't know the paradox that people are calling for more and more individuality, but that this very individuality has increasingly slipped into an unprecedented level of comparability and interchangeability? A brand speech for more art in branding and marketing - and beyond!

Hello actionism?

No, it's not about art as a funny one-shot campaign, decorative wall design, or even cheap merchandise. Rather, it's about exploring the natural limits inherent in every system in classic to digital marketing and overcoming them again and again with a good dose of creativity. When art is understood as "Art is a state of mind. it quickly becomes clear that we are talking about a corporate philosophical approach.

Consequently, it also opens up a whole new playground for branding and marketing. The term "playground" was chosen very deliberately, as it is above all about opening up to one's very own creativity and letting the lightness of play back in, away from algorithms and strict guidelines. And without a doubt, the world of art is the cosmos to which this very creativity is attributed. The last bulwark, so to speak.

Why can art develop such a transformative power?

Because when it comes to art, five dimensions are only the beginning. This holistic way of thinking opens up countless points of intersection and connection between art and business. Feel invited to look at your own business or brand from a creative perspective. Branding is the absolute foundation and strong backbone of any business. Principles such as the underlying business model and a clear vision are essential components, but bringing a brand to life requires a distinctive aesthetic and unmistakable creativity. This is not about copy & paste, but about boldly breaking new ground, and developing consistent but spot-on ideas that can mature and blossom. To truly develop individual character, to be a target group length ahead of the competition.

Art is only for patrons? The renaissance of acyclical advertising and the fairy tale of small budgets.

Branding and marketing cost money, budgets are tight, and are constantly being cut due to current developments - and usually first. The legal question of why fewer customers are reached and the downward spiral occurs is obsolete, but always on the agenda. An already long-lasting trend with zero novelty value. The same is undoubtedly true for the arts. But, why do we always talk about subsidies and not investments in connection with art? In the context of branding and marketing, we always talk about spending money and not about investment.

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A&P sidenote: This article is in co-operation with recruitment and freelance platform for marketing, advertising, and design in Austria Head on over to the original German version here.

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