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Reveling in summer havens less traveled: The vital role of art in paradise-like spots

In the quiet corners of the world, where summer destinations lie hidden from the typical tourist radar, a powerful transformation is taking place. Art, in all its nuanced forms, is weaving its way through these lesser-known havens, breathing life into their landscapes and revealing a previously undiscovered allure.

As travelers seek experiences beyond the ordinary, the profound impact of art on these offbeat escapes is emerging as a driving force, turning them into enchanting realms of creativity and inspiration. Let’s draw the spotlight on three artful getaways.

Bonjour Marseille thanks to Plein Sud

Marseille: scrapped, dilapidated, post-industrial, run-down, and substandard in the late 90ies. Already on the way to being named the European Capital of Culture in 2013, there was and still is an appetite for art in the South of France. The MuCEM, Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Médieterranée, is Marseille’s Guggenheim and has caused quite a stir ever since. Marseille continues to build on this: once dominated by large industrial halls, it offered many extraordinary vacant spaces at still affordable prices for artists. One of the most prestigious projects was “Friche La Belle de Mai”, in the former worker’s quarter. Studios, experimental project spaces, and residencies lured even more artsy people. The city still has a radiant power for the entire Mediterranean south since then resulting in the arrival of foundations and art spaces of many kinds. We cheer to Plein Sud, a network that spotted the momentum of spreading the esprit of art in their region.

© Paris+ Art Basel

Moving north to Falsterbo, Sweden’s art hub

The former fishing village, which is nowadays most known for its annual horse show, forms the pulsating heart of the fish-tailed peninsula in the south-west of Sweden. The energy level is high: On the one side, the idyllic landscape and the fascinating nature are a great source of inspiration for artists and visitors alike. On the other side, art galleries and a vibrant scene attract visitors and collectors. The Photo Art Museum, Larsen Warner contemporary art gallery, already well known from Stockholm as well as the Konsthall in the old station house are fixed stars in the artistic sky of Falsterbo. Be prepared to do some art watching at the Swedish Riviera this summer.

© Larsen Warner "Spotlight" at Falsterbo

Summer pop-up in Comporta

Awakened from its fairytale sleep: Comporta. A region described by pines, rice fields, pristine beaches, and storks nesting atop electricity poles and hidden low-slung cabanas and as a rough beauty just like the ocean. High season in summer today equals pop-up summer exhibitions by world-famous powerhouses. The threads come together at Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel, headquartered in Brazil, by inviting each year different galleries in conversation with a selection from its own roster since the pandemics. The initial idea now roots deeply in the art calendar as a mainstay for Comporta. The seeds that have been sown just a few years ago already show the first fruits: re-energizing the region and hence having a social impact is one aspect as well as transforming the seasonal idea to a more long-term affair. Pioneering like Fortes D’Aiola & Gabriel is daring but the reward for courage pays off.

© Fortes D'Aloia & Gabriel Comporta

Have we awakened your wanderlust? Summer is not over yet, so why not discover one or two more art spots? Wishing you a pleasant end of season with an option for extension.

Yours truly,


A&P sidenote: If you are currently looking for a sparring partner or a co-thinker to develop projects inspired by the above examples, please feel free to reach out.

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