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Reasons for minding your aesthetics in business

The aesthetics of your Corporate Identity and Design: The Greeks already knew about the doctrine of beauty, regularities, and harmony in nature and art, short the aesthetics. But you can take it even further.

"Aesthetics is for the artist as ornithology is for the birds." – Barnett Newman

Barnett Newman "Who's afraid of red, yellow and blue IV"
Barnett Newman, © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin | Simon Vogel| Barnett Newman Foundation | VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019

If you think about what is enjoyable, or valuable about your visual branding, and why this is important, then you are considering issues to do with aesthetics. Hello and welcome to the club!

Aesthetics literally means the originally philosophical study of perception or sensual observation – definitely not a mere synonym for beauty. Rather, everything that moves our senses when we look at it is aesthetic from the beautiful to the ugly and from the pleasant to the unpleasant. In a broader sense, aesthetic refers to the qualities that influence how something affects us. And exactly this is the reason why you should mind your brand aesthetics!

Nice to have, but how do your aesthetics influence your business?

Differentiation: Aesthetic delves into the reason why art and creativity have always existed, the burning need of mankind through the ages to see the world in different and clear ways. It is precisely these skills that lead to an individual approach to problems, creative approaches to solutions, and a differentiated positioning. A boost for your company’s image. Acclaim aesthetic leadership for your business!

Perception of your business: Derived from what has been written before, businesses that develop an aesthetic sensibility do not simply just sell products and services that meet customer needs. These companies open up whole new experiences and spaces, provide comprehensible values, and enrich them in an artful way to offer the utmost pleasure to their customers. In turn, these clients pay a premium for the sensorial delight they enjoy.

Well-being: Our current business world is shaped by scientific control, key performance indicators, and other strict parameters. However, studies show that some 85 percent of purchase decisions are based on how a product or service makes a customer feel – not on reason. Our perception of aesthetics in our environment, work, and private spaces produces feelings we associate with happiness like calmness, appreciation, reflection, and hope. In essence, experiencing beauty alters our emotions and makes us feel happier.

How can you take the intersection of business and art further?

Including aesthetics and art in the DNA of your brand, weaving it into your branding, and exploring ways for your marketing not yet trodden, simply opens up new worlds to competitive advantage in a very different sense than usually attributed. To stay in the club: The balancing qualities of management practice ensure a healthy business while at the same time, idiosyncratic aesthetic engagement provides for creativity to bloom.



A&P sidenote: I adored Barnett Newman's citation about aesthetics. His artwork "Who's afraid of red, yellow and blue IV", 1969-70, simply had to crown this article thanks to its striking harmony, sharp contrasts and strong colors. Above, the title was simply too tempting.

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