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Paris: The Renaissance of the Art Magnet

Paris and art have always shared a deep connection, but in recent times, the French capital with its ineffable appeal has once again become a focal point for the art world, drawing enthusiasts like moths to a flame. Shedding light on Paris and its new allure.

Self-Hybridation entre Femmes, 2019, Orlan on display at Gallery Ernst Hilger

Historically, Paris stood as the undisputed epicenter of the international art world, birthing avant-garde movements and transforming into a cultural hub of unparalleled significance. Today, the world has changed and Paris is one of multiple art centers. Yet it is reclaiming its place on the contemporary art map and it brings a breath of fresh air to the scene.


“The chief danger about Paris is that it is such a strong stimulant.” –  T. S. Eliot

Gravitation is not responsible for falling in love

Paris emerges as a gravitational force once more, captivating hearts and minds with its resurgence: burgeoning foundations, an influx of artists, and the establishment of new galleries and museums. This lively scene now attracts a diverse and well-informed audience from across the globe.


Nourishing the city’s allure

Developments are often not one-dimensional, but rather multifaceted. This is also true of the Paris Renaissance in all its layers – a brief outline: The pandemic has led to blatant vacancies, amidst a city packed to the rafters, which have birthed unexpected spaces previously unimaginable. An interesting side note on top, Paris also offers more affordable housing and studio space in the heart of the scene. Collaboration and mingling become the catalysts for dynamic networking.

The aftermath of Brexit has reshaped expectations, with London's art scene still vibrant, albeit different from initial assumptions. Nonetheless, Paris, long a rival to London, has bolstered its position in this evolving landscape as a result. The once monopolies of London and New York are now challenged by such a privileged player as Paris. The compact art world is broken up a little. Paris easily attracts talents, artists, but also professionals from the art market alike.

Highlighting a more financial topic seems appropriate in this context as waiting times at the borders, as well as customs and overall bureaucracy climbed up. The reduction in French VAT on art purchases from originally 20% to a mere 5,5% has enticed large foreign galleries with international reputations to set up a presence in Paris. Completing the full cycle.


Art the Parisian way

How can you resist Paris? It exerts an irresistible pull. With the advent of spring, Art Paris opens its doors, and collectors, art professionals as well as art lovers from all over the world will flock in. This city is not only home to art, it is art. Paris not only hosts art but embodies it. Its distinctive architecture, charm, and energy render it an international beacon. Few can match the French in their innate ability to live and breathe art, down to the minutest detail. It is this unique French signature that draws the world to Paris, where art finds its truest expression.


“Breathe Paris in. It nourishes the soul.” – Victor Hugo


For me, Art Paris is not a must, but an absolute desire. Take a breath with me. Feel free to contact me for further assistance. VIP days calling!


Yours truly,



A&P Sidenote: Orlan, born 1947 in Saint-Étienne is a French artist best known for Carnal Art – a self-portrait in the classical sense, yet realized through the technology of its time. Since 1978, she has used her body in her art, altering her face through surgeries. Drawing inspiration from iconic female figures in art history, she challenges societal norms regarding beauty and women's autonomy over their bodies, often referencing to models form art history. Through her work, she aims to provoke discussions on taboo subjects and advocate for the right to self-expression through bodily transformation. Gallery owner Ernst Hilger is proud to showcase Orlan in his booth at Art Paris—an exhibition not to be missed!

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