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Paradox Creativity – Stop it, I like it.

Pitching ideas is about presenting a solution for an acknowledged problem, infused with surprise and a dash of magic, stirred up with a swirl of creativity that leaves the stakeholders and client in awe. How come these cherishing concepts are often curtailed in their richness of facets and novelty?

Katharina Grosse on view at the Albertina ©Margot Heinrici

Stop it!

Initially, to understand the factors limiting creative ideas, we must recognize why the world clamors for creativity in the first place. The answer is as simple as that: Creativity fuels innovation which is a prioritized goal in science, business, and incremental in art. However, therein lies a paradox – the more novel ideas become, the further they stray from existing norms and standards, leading to disagreement about their potential value. In essence, the greater the novelty, the higher the perceived risk, which is reflected in a lower willingness to invest.


Inhibitors, hit the gas.

In our world, we wear a lot of hats – some very confidently, some less, and some because we think we can. The creative hat often falls into the latter category as almost everyone believes themselves to be an expert in this field and in neighboring ones such as notably branding and marketing. It might sound daring, but let’s stick to our roles, be confident in them, and leave the arena of creativity to those who know how to challenge the status quo and provide new perspectives. Rest assured that your time will come to contribute your expertise.


I like it or how to enhance creativity

While sticking to what’s tried and tested may seem financially sound, and other departments may find comfort in familiar processes, let's ask ourselves: What truly ignites our excitement, surprise, or even fascination? Hell yes, it's the yet unseen and unheard. Let’s dare to embrace novelty and diversity with confidence. Let's set aside our preconceptions and open ourselves up to fresh perspectives and growth opportunities. After all, creativity thrives on diversity and the richness of unfamiliar ideas.


Pursue bold ideas that champion individuality

It takes quite some courage, however, bold ideas can provide success – while not guaranteed, they certainly provide valuable learning experiences and pave the way for future breakthroughs. An open-minded culture based on individuality as a value will empower creative thinkers and push boundaries without fear of judgment or rejection. Innovation is about overcoming biased perceptions and established standards to create new, better ones. So, why settle for mediocrity when we can raise the bar ourselves? Take the leadership, be the innovator, and reap the rewards.


Creativity is a state of mind

Cultivating a mindset of curiosity and recognizing that creativity thrives on exploration and discovery is a key advantage for businesses in an ever-evolving and changing world, both digital and analog. Are you ready to unlock your full creative potential?


Yours truly,



A&P sidenote: Katharina Grosse’s painting captivates through the power and intensity of color. Like wild thinking, it is experimental and unpredictable. Expansion and the permanent crossing of boundaries, freedom, and autonomy form the cornerstones of this oeuvre. She often transcends the classic pictorial genre: Paintings, assemblages, and installations in space emphasize and counteract the location, striving for the genius loci. Katharina’s vibrant fields of color cover entire buildings, objects, and large areas of public space.

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