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Integral view: Art is a state of mind

Following on from our latest blog about how to create boundlessness through art, we keep our promise: Art patronage newly interpreted and casted in a different mould far beyond the fashion industry.

Rethinking and appropriation are key elements of art per se and experienced, inspired leaders understand how to bring these approaches into unique harmony with business.

© Harald Naegeli

How to anchor art in your business philosophy?

Foryouandyourcustomers offers support in all aspects of digital change. Period. Their field may sound very technical and digital with little space for art, but, this is the perfect showcase that art is all about mindset. Regarding their philosophy, which is mirrored in Robert Josef Stadler’s latest book “Paid Work and the Meaning of Life”, art is an integral part of their culture and the foundation of an inspiring work environment for their employees, but also accessible to customers and art lovers alike. As art is such a vital part of their identity, they display contemporary artworks in exhibitions in their offices all over the world. Such exhibitions comprise works from different creative phases of various artists put together by selected curators. The works are both dynamic and static, reflecting the artists’ development as well as a constancy – adapting and evolving but still recognizable, just like foryouandyourcustomers itself.

We had the pleasure to talk to one of the founding members, Robert Josef Stadler, who is next to being an entrepreneur, businessman, and writer, also a passionate art collector in private. “Art exhibitions are essential for companies with integral management. In an exhibition, works of art not only enter into mutual resonance but also into a desired interaction with the employees.” We simply adore his take on art and how he was able to incorporate and deeply root his idea within his company. We are already looking forward to foryouandyourcustomer’s next exhibition.

How to reinvent the adjusting screws of art?

The best example delivers the global specialist for mounting and fasting material for professional use, Würth. Bolts hold the world together! Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Reinhold Würth had to take over the screw wholesale business because of his father’s sudden death at a very young age and lead a two-men-company to an international trading group. He claims that he has always seen his preoccupation with art as an emotional antithesis to the rationality of his profession as a businessman.

“Art washes away from our soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso

Art in all its facets: Würth foundation since 1987, his collection comprising more than 18.500 artworks, 4 museums, a congress center, and 10 art dependencies in various countries. How to make all this art even more accessible? Exactly, the Würth Collection App is the colorful answer and a shortcut for traveling the Würth art world within a swish.

How would you love to enrich your business with art? As we at Aesthetics & Principles see it, first of all, art is a state of mind and second, we are thrilled to act as the colorful eminence in the background. Simply drop us a line!

Yours truly,


A&P sidenote: Robert Josef Stadler has entrusted me with the name of one of his most favored artists: Harald Oskar Naegeli (1939 in Zurich) is a Swiss artist who became famous for his illegally sprayed wall art. Inspired by the Dada movement, Hans Arp, Kurt Schwitters, Piet Mondrian, and Wassily Kandinsky he developed his own stroke and discovered his passion for graffiti.

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