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When an art collection meets an art collection: The Würth Collection is currently hosted by the Leopold Museum, a collection of its own. The effect to the power of two is inevitable.

The mammoth task of Leopold Museum Director Hans-Peter Wipplinger was to narrow down to 200 masterpieces from over 20,000 objects for the show. The Würth Collection stands for classical modernism and contemporary art and thus invites you on a unique journey through around 100 years of art history. It speaks for itself that this impressive collection is one of the largest private ones in Europe. Moreover, this is one of the most stunning art patronages worldwide and undermines the credo "art is a state of mind".

Max Beckmann "Quappi in Blau im Boot" 1926/1950, Sammlung Würth, ©Volker Naumann

Max Beckmann had the honour to adorn the posters but no matter which floor you enter the exhibition from, you are captured from the very first second. With marvelling eyes and open mouth, one encounters one great name after the other and is drawn into the spell of the rooms and pictures. Mr. Würth's quote noticeable breathtes a soul into his collection:

“I have always found my preoccupation with art to be an emotional antithesis to the rationality of my commercial profession.” – Reinhold Würth

The spirit rambles on and embraces the entire exhibition with great ease. The visit simply feels like a walk through one of the most formative phases of art history.

Fernando Botero's unique style but also his development during his creative period astonish the viewer and hopefully you as a reader in the first picture top and bottom left. And other artists simply remind you of how easy it is to assign them in one's own mind to a certain style and thus to a pigeonhole. Such as Piet Mondrian's picture in the middle of the first row. The artists not only overcome their own limitations and expand their own horizons, but above all those of the visitors and viewers as well. Günter Brus on the top right also fits in well with this illustrious company of the Würth Collection. Feel invited to see yourself how Anselm Kiefer and the witty figure of Georg Baselitz whisk you away into another world.

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A&P sidenote: AMAZING, The Würth Collection is on display at Leopold Museum until 10.09.2023.

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