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Art connection: Embracing ARTPOWHER

H.E. Luccock once painted the idea that "No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it." Within the realm of art, the power of connecting minds is inherent, transcending its origins as art manifests as a state of mind. It’s no coincidence that the spark between ARTPOWHER and Aesthetics & Principles was ignited.

© Art Basel: Firelei Baez's work at Art Basel Unlimited, presented by James Cohan Gallery

What binds us is an undeniable love for contemporary fine art. Anna’s unique perspective transforms ARTPOWHER Contemporary into a collaborative art project, a radiant initiative celebrating female-identifying and non-binary (Womxn) creatives. She is a firm believer that art has the potential to span across industries and enrich them. ARTPOWHER delivers art projects and identifies opportunities to unleash synergies between Womxn artists, brands, institutions, and corporations. Aesthetics & Principles could not have asked for a more fitting partner in this artistic escapade.

Quickly rewind to where it all commenced – on social media. Yes, it’s indeed the year 2023. In the midst of the art hashtags, our paths crossed, and a mutual following began. The memory of what exactly happened has faded, but we had arranged to meet at Art Basel with all the exact details. All was set. All was well. Then reality unfolded, what else? Art Basel started with a colossal queue for the “Unlimited”, with what seemed like a sea of people engaging in cheerful conversations, waving to friends, and calling out to acquaintances. The ambiance was electric, excitement escalating, when a poised, well-dressed figure approached me with a warm smile. A subtle glance around indicated that I was the intended recipient of this friendly overture. In that perplexing first moment, I was warmly greeted by Anna. Anna Maurrasse-Tomaiuolo, founder of ARTPOWHER, my designated business date. The circumstances suggested that fate had intervened to ensure our meeting.

Long story short, we spent the entire afternoon immersed in the world of “Unlimited”, reconvened the following day to explore Art Basel in each other’s company, and winded up with a delightfully relaxed dinner at a charming Buvette alongside the river. I found myself missing the last direct train to Zurich, exhibiting unintentional rudeness toward my long-time friend's hospitality – my sincere apology. Since then we have been in constant exchange about the art world and beyond. Art, indeed, acts as a connector. Yet, what elevates our connection is not merely a shared subject matter, but the principles and values we jointly embrace. As we exchange viewpoints, we unveil layers of trust, learning from one another and uncovering parallels in our lives, particularly in the realm of business. Beyond this, the aesthetic facet holds significant importance for both of us, as does our unwavering commitment to artistic excellence and ambition. Once again, it all boils down to aesthetics and principles. As the saying goes, "Nomen est omen."

What’s next? It's time for preparation, for a symphony has never been played off the cuff. We afford ourselves the luxury of time, delving deeper into our conversations, fortifying our trust and thus, our relationship, all the while offering advice and support. Or as James Cash Penney held it: "The best teamwork comes from women who are working independently toward one goal in unison."

Yours truly,


A&P sidenote: Anna and me were fascinated by Firelei Báez artwork at Art Basel Unlimited, hence, we would love to share some more information about her. New York-based artist Firelei Báez creatively explores diasporic histories by reinterpreting past visual references, envisioning new possibilities. Through colorful works on paper, canvas, large-scale sculptures, and immersive installations, Firelei blends diverse elements like hair textures, textile patterns, plant life, folklore, and symbols of healing and resistance. Her empowering portraits often feature strong female protagonists and incorporate regionally-specific mythology, ritual, and elements of science fiction and fantasy. Her art portrays identities as fluid and narratives as continually evolving, with the gaze of her empowered figures engaging the viewer, asstering indivituality within states of transition.

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