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Art as a masterpiece for your well-being

Igniting inner joy can transform our lives in private as well as in business. How to spark this inner feeling? In a nutshell: Art is the answer.

© Hiromi Tango | Sullivan+Strumpf

Is the wave of mindfulness now spilling over into the arts? Here too the chicken and egg problem seems to arise. In our opinion, art comes first: Merely envision a tiny human being at the beginning of its unfolding. Art is an immanent urge of self-expression through dancing, singing, painting, and creating at a very young age when consciousness is still evolving and developing. Art without any doubt stimulates creativity and evokes good emotions. How can we capture this magic, even if we don't make art ourselves anymore, and use it for our mental well-being?

Reflection and personal preferences

Art is definitely the least section of one-fits-all. Hence, take time to reflect on what types of art resonate with you. Feel it. When viewing or experiencing art, actively observe the details, sound, colors, textures, movements, and composition. Allow yourself to be fully present in the moment, absorbing the message or the emotions art elicits. Is it fun? Does it upset you? What’s going on? Understanding your preferences will help you curate your art engagement effectively and connect with your own emotions and experiences in a meaningful way.

Inspiration and critical thinking

Treasure or trash? Art often challenges conventional thinking and encourages critical analysis – you may call it planned “outside your comfort zone” moments. Engaging with art on a regular basis can sharpen your analytical and interpretive skills, promoting intellectual growth and expanding your capacity for new perspectives and creative problem-solving.

Creativity and connecting with others

When gaining new insights into artistic, creative processes, and philosophies you will be inspired and motivated for your own endeavors. Whenever you get this certain feeling that you get stuck in your own thinking, simply engage in conversations – but also discussions, please – about art with friends, family, or other art enthusiasts. Exchanging your ideas and other interactions can deepen your understanding of art and foster a sense of identity as well as connection.

"Art is a wound turned into light." – Georges Braque

Sounds rather sophisticated? Nay, we don’t want to take it too far. Engaging with art can provide you a sense of fulfillment and personal enrichment that will result in stress relief and giving you pleasure. Don’t force it. Don’t take it too seriously. Simply approach art with curiosity, exploration, joy, and openness and embrace its transformative power.

Yours truly,


A&P sidenote: Hiromi Tango (b. 1976, Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, Shikoku Island, Japan) is an established interdisciplinary artist, based in the Bundjalung Country, Australia. Her practice intersects with art, health, and neuroscience. Drawing on her own experiences of anxiety, her installations and performances traverse the embodied self, the emotional terrain of our relationships with others, and the healing possibilities of art.

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